Strider Aluminum High-Rise Wide Handlebar


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Compatible with any 12″ bike. Requires a Stem Adapter. 

Ready to upgrade your mighty mini’s handlebars? The Strider Aluminum High-Rise Wide Handlebar is your go-to!

We know that your little nugget is growing faster than a speeding ticket. This lightweight, aluminum handlebar gives kids a wider, more comfortable grip for a smooth and confident ride. The high-rise feature allows your little ripper a longer reach and will help perfect their racing position. If all of that wasn’t enough, turn heads with the textured Strider Grips and shiny, anodized finish.

This handlebar is an awesome accessory and a great addition to any 12” bike.

*Requires Mounting Hardware

Strider Aluminum High-Rise Wide Handlebar with Grips – SKU: PHBAR-AL-HR

*Requires Strider ST-R Stem and Adapter Kit

Compatible with all 12″ Strider Balance Bikes

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