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How To Pedal

Congratulations! Your child is officially a strider pro. Pedaling is the name of the game now.

A lot goes into riding a bike for the first time. It’s a skill that requires coordination, balance, steering, braking, and confidence! Attempting to master all those things at once can be tough (we know, we’ve been there) which is why many parents these days are turning to balance bikes! Balance bikes turn the learn-to-ride process into a much easier and enjoyable experience.

Now that balance has been conquered, your kiddo is eager to hop on their pedal bike. The Strider 14x is a great place to start as it’s a balance bike that quickly converts into a pedal bike with the Easy-Ride Pedal Kit. Begin with no pedals as your child gets used to the heavier bike and allow them to become comfortable with the added weight by striding around! Don’t be discouraged if it takes them time to get situated with the new bike. This process should be fun! A few key indicators that your child is ready to start pedaling would be that they can support all their weight on the seat and are able to control the speed. Leaning through turns with their feet off the ground and being able to stop safely with only their feet are important steps before moving on. Once they have accomplished these skills, it’s time to attach that pedal kit. Bring it on!

Boy eagerly waits for his dad to put the pedals on his Strider 14x Sport bike

The Strider 14x has narrow “stride-around” pedals so your child can still use the 14x as a balance bike even when the Pedal Kit is attached. To start, the key here is letting your little tot gain momentum and have them use the pedals as footrests. Once they are comfortable gaining momentum on the bike, they will ease their way into using the pedals. Kids are used to walking and running, so using a circular motion to propel the bike will be a foreign concept to them. Let the child experiment with the pedals on their own and they should start figuring things out.

A boy confidently pedals down the sidewalk on his Tangerine Orange Strider 14x Sport bike

Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and time is needed to create something great.

A mom gives her son a high five after he finds pedaling success on the Strider 14x Sport

Encouragement is key during this process. You can hop on your bike and demonstrate how to pedal. To help your child get the hang of the pedaling motion, try laying on your back with them next to you, and pretend you’re pedaling in the air by making a circular motion with your feet. Remember, practice makes perfect! With a little time, eventually it will click, and they’ll be pedaling pros!

But the mission isn’t complete just yet. Now that they’re off, it’s important that your little one knows how to stop safely! Be sure to go over braking and then PRACTICE. In fact, you can even turn learning-to-brake into a fun game. Try playing “Red Light, Green Light” and encourage them to pedal to you when you say, “green light”. When “red light” is spoken, have your shredder practice braking safely.

Remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day, and time is needed to create something great. That being said, pedaling and braking will come with time. Most importantly, be confident that the time spent on a Strider Bike in balance-bike-mode will help your child easily transition to pedaling when the time comes. With the improved skills they gained, it will be a safer and more enjoyable ride for everyone in your family!

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