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STRIDER Track Highlight: Eagle Foothills BMX


Not too far from Boise, you’ll find the sports oriented town of Eagle, Idaho! Eagle Foothills BMX is located On the edge of town at the foot of the Sawtooth Mountains. If you’re in the area and haven’t checked it out with your STRIDER rider, you should…the track is always open! 

1. Eagle Foothills BMX: 11800 Horseshoe Bend Road, Eagle, Idaho  83616Track Operator: Ed Newgen, 208-901-5143 [email protected]  Eagle Foothills BMX on Facebook

2. Race Day: Tuesday Sign-ups: 5:30pm-6:30pm Racing: ASAP   Practice Day: Whenever, the track is always open.


4. STRIDER race/practice fee? No fees for non-point races, $5 race fee for point races. Practice is free and always open!

5. Why did you build a STRIDER track? So the younger riders would have an activity at the races. The regular track is very long and developed so this gives the toddlers an alternative area to develop skills and not be in danger of not being seen by the older riders.

6. The track was completed in 2010 and took about a 1/2 day to build. Unsure what the costs were because it was built at the same time as the new main track.

7. Space and Materials? Plot Size: 40 x 150, Yards of dirt: 40

8. Track Layout? Total course length: 200 feet, Starting hill width: 10 ft (on the list to be widened), Straightaway width: 12 feet. The track consists of rollers, 3 jumps (3-4 ft high), and 1 berm at the turn around.

9. Special Features: It sits within the main track

10. Overall Experience: The STRIDER program seems to be growing more and more every year. We are developing new riders and the 5 novie class has been expanded as riders have moved up.

11. Special Events: Olympic Day, Race for Life, Redline Cup Qualifier, State Championship Qualifier 

Looking for additional ideas to build a STRIDER track at your course? Check out some other STRIDER specific tracks! If you want to highlight your local track shoot me an email

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