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New STRIDER World Headquarters!

Thanks to all of your support, Strider Bikes is getting too big for it’s britches! And that’s a GOOD THING! We’ve moved into a new building that our very own Joe McFarland designed just to fit all of our Strider goals… you know, the ones about two wheeled world domination and getting rid of training wheels and tricycles FOREVER. *Boo!! Hiss!!!* 

Well it’s been about 2 months and I think we’re pretty much all settled into our new building! (It’s right down the street from the old headquarters but it is still very exciting!) Our New Address is 2221 N. Plaza Dr. Rapid City, South Dakota 57702 

Stop in and say hello! In fact, many Striderville folks aren’t even aware that we sell bikes here… well we do! And if you bring your little Strider Riders with you when you come I promise to let them ride up and down the halls as much as they want and interrupt any meeting to show off their skills, and I also promise I will try as hard as I can not to pinch their cute little cheekies because every single Strider Rider who comes through our front door is ADORABLE!!!! (I’ll be the crazy lady behind the front desk when you come in, and the one playing on the floor with your kid when you’re trying to leave …ok and possibly pinching their cute little cheeks!)





cheek pinchers

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