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Fat Bike Fun

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STRIDER Warehouse Manager Dave Kent, along with a group of local bicycle enthusiasts, partook in this year’s Global Fat Tire Bike Day where they rode through the snow-packed roads and trails to the ascent of 6,800 foot Custer Peak Fire Watchtower! This 9 mile trek wasn’t just a casual ride through the beautiful Black Hills; the riders had to face temperatures well below zero! (-20 wind-chill anyone?! OUCH!)

fat bike road

If you’re bummed you missed out, you’re in luck! Perry Jewett, race director of the legendary Dakota Five-0, from Spearfish, South Dakota is hosting the first annual “28 Below Fat Bike Race“. While the temperature may or may not actually be 28 below the course is sure to be challenging and brag worthy. For full details on the race visit the website HERE. If you aren’t up for the 28 mile ride, there will also be a 6 mile ski & snowshoe race. 

group fat bike

If nothing else, I will end this blog post with my favorite quote; maybe it will inspire you to try something new;

“If you never did you should. These things are fun and fun is good.” -Dr. Seuss 


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