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STRIDER Pump Track Field Trip!



Rapid City Central High School’s adaptive physical education class took a field trip just across town to the Strider Bikes Headquarters and brought their fleet of bikes with them!


After a quick tour through the offices and warehouse we all headed out back to practice on the SSI pump track. None of the students had ever been on a BMX style track, yet they all rode like pros!



The smiles were astounding, and the tricks were second to none! The students have been practicing on the STRIDER Bikes for a few months. Central High School was able to obtain these bikes for their adaptive P.E. class through the 2014 Strider Gives Back contest where Strider Sports International gave away hundreds of bikes to people with special needs and the organizations to which they belong.


Logan Keiffer, a motorcycle enthusiast who is particularly loyal to Yamaha, had received a blue bike with a custom YAMAHA number plate which featured braille lettering because Logan is blind. When our friends at Yamaha Racing got wind of Logan’s story they sent some extra goods just for him, including some racing gear, cap and hoodie. He was elated, and his classmate all cheered for him when he received the goods. We wanted to do something extra special for Logan. He is such a great student and amazing role model for people with disabilities.


With the help of the Central High School teachers, Logan was able to enjoy the pump track with the rest of his classmates, and the faster they went, the better! (Clearly it wasn’t just the students getting their exercise out there!)
We want to send a shout out to the cobbler riders and everything they do every day to inspire us to be our best and get out there and Stride On!