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A Phone Call, An Email and Two Happy STRIDER Riders

About a month and a half ago we received a call from Kirk in Colorado. He had been driving home from a visit with his grand kids in Denver when he spotted a bright green spot in the snowy ditch on the side of the road. Wanting to help keep the road clean for others Kirk stopped to put the green thing in the back of his pick-up. When he saw that it was a STRIDER Kirk gave us a call to see if anybody had contacted us about losing one or if the parents may have registered the bike with us. He left his phone number and we never thought it would go further

*Dramatization…This may or may not be anything like what Kirk actually saw

A week later we received the below email at our general information address from Jennifer:

I LOVE the strider bike! We bought one for my daughter before she turned two….on the lowest seat setting, she could barely touch the ground. We’d make her ride it…and sometimes she’d only do it for a minute or two. But she mastered it in no time and we bought her a 12″ bike with pedals as soon as her feet could touch the ground. It’s a very heavy bike, actually and she learned to ride it after just a few sessions at age 3 1/2. She can balance on it almost standing still. We never used training wheels and she is the youngest person we know who rides a bike without them. The strider bike is also very light weight…easy to carry when you’re on a walk and they don’t want to ride anymore. Toddlers are fussy like that. Now my 16 mo. old son is already on his (well, was, it fell off the car on the way to CA from CO. BUMMER!) I love that bike so much I cried (bothered me more than the kids!) Anyway, thank you so much for the cool creation. My kids love it and they really CAN do it!”  –Jennifer

What are the chances?

We gave Kirk a call back to let him know that we had found the STRIDER owners over 1,000 miles away! In the mean time Kirk’s grandchildren had been enjoying the Green STRIDER. We couldn’t bring ourselves to take away a bike from kids who were using it so we told them to keep it and to make sure to come out to the STRIDER Adventure Zone and STRIDER Cup races in Denver at this year’s USA Pro Cycling Challenge finish festival!

Jennifer’s daughter, has moved on to her pedal bike in their final destination of Arizona:

I can do it...thanks to STRIDER!

Jennifer’s Son, is riding in style on the brand spanking new Red ST-3 STRIDER we sent him…we couldn’t stand to see a STRIDER deprived little brother!

Watch Out Big Sis, I’ll be pedaling before you know it!

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