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Partnering with Special Needs Organizations


Too often people with cognitive or developmental disabilities have been unable to ride a bike or have been told by doctors and other health care providers that they will never be able to ride a bike. With the proper bike and a proven method to learn, this is changing!

For several years, parents of children with special needs all over the world have been approaching Strider® and letting us know how life changing our bikes have been for their children. Strider Bikes are providing a means for inclusive social interaction and play. Suddenly, a child that had previously been sitting on the porch while the other children in the neighborhood rode their bikes is now riding right alongside their peers, grinning ear to ear!

To learn more about how you can begin or enhance the special needs channel in your area, click on the links below:

    1. Autism Research:
      Strider Bikes Improve Stability Scores in Children with Autism (Press Release 11/16/15)

      Incorporating a Pedal-less Bicycle Curriculum into a K–5th Grade After-school Program to Improve Stability for ASD Children
      Published in Journal of Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance (3/1/16)

      Autism Poster and Autism Handout — these are excellent handouts for tradeshows or events to share autism research findings

    2. 5 Areas of Impact Strider Bikes Have with My Special Education StudentsAn excellent article written by a Special Education Teacher at a local high school in Rapid City, SD
    3. Kids Learn Street Safety on Strider Bikes at Children’s Discovery Center
    4. Strider Scientifically Proven to Increase Balance Skills!Review a study by the University of South Dakota, stating that the Strider Bike significantly improves a child’s gross motor skill development as it relates to balance. 

    5. Developing the Special Needs Channel in your Territory – Watch a video from the 2014 Special Olympics Strider Exhibition Race, find links from our Flickr page, and learn how to network and become involved with special needs organizations and their events. 

    6. Terminology for the Special Needs Community– Feel comfortable and confident when addressing the Special Needs Community. Here are some tips to ensure that you are using the correct terminology.

    7. Strider 16 & Strider 20 Bikes are Changing People’s Lives! – Find numerous success stories and see how the larger models are making a difference in our special needs communities.

    8. Special Needs Organizations See how SSI works with the various Special Needs Organizations throughout the US.
      To review our Special Needs Support Program document, click here.
      Special Needs Suport Program front cover