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Strider® Racing!


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You might be asking, “What makes Strider® Racing” different than a Strider® Adventure Zone?” It’s simple–racing is more structured, riders must be registered, and instead of crusing around leisurely, there’s a starting ramp and finish line! At some events, we’ll set up an Adventure Zone for most of the day, and at a set time, we’ll line kids up by age (one-year-olds all the way up to five-year-olds) and have them compete against each other on the course. We’ll run as many motos as needed per age group so all the kids get a turn. The winners of each moto will then compete against each other to determine a winner for that age bracket. The top three winners are typically awarded trophies or medals as they stand atop the podium. It’s a great way to introduce kids to competetion in a safe, fun, family-friendly way–by the time they’re old enough to race BMX or motocross, they know exactly what to expect and are used to a racing environment. 

So who sponsors Strider Racing? Lots of different groups can sponsor Strider Racing: Dealers, Distributors, and lots of special interest groups. In the US, Strider has had great sucess partnering with the USA Pro Cycling and offering Adventure Zones at the finish line for each day’s stage. On the final day, we take it up a notch and organize racing near the stage’s finish line. It’s great family entertainment, and the kids love the opportunity to race like the adults!

Strider racing has really taken off through our partnership with USA BMX as well–you can get all the details about that in our BMX / Track Support Program post.

Several of our distributors have also gained fantastic exposure for their Strider business by organizing Strider Cup races throughout the riding season. Efforts in Japan and the UK by working hard in this area has been especially effective. Check out this fantastic footage from Japan’s 2013 Strider Cup Race held near Tokyo:

With our 2016 Series races fast approaching, we would like to share with you the following documents:

2016 Race Rules
Racing Terminology
Parents Code of Conduct
Affidavit of Proof of Age
Weather Policy
Racing Posters
Media Information Sheet



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