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Minimizing Strider Freight Costs


Strider offers FREE freight on all orders over $50USD in the US for both retail and dealers. We feel this shipping policy makes it very easy for dealers to work with us… there are fewer restrictions, it’s simple and easy to buy from us, and being the easiest distributor to work with helps keep the competition off their shelf/floor space. We don’t require any minimum order quantity—though we encourage orders of at least 12 bikes or more to receive FREE display items and accessories. We put all dealers on our dealer locater, and those who buy in large quantities are listed first as gold star dealers. Basically, we want to make it as easy as possible for dealers to carry Strider Bikes!

To minimize the impact of FREE freight on our profitability, we do everything we can to minimize our shipping expenses. We stock our products in warehouses in southern California, Atlanta, GA (in the southeast corner of the US), and Rapid City, SD. Amazingly, our freight savings since adding a third warehouse in October 2013 actually covers the administrative costs for the additional warehouse, and our customers love the faster service!

Packaging is critical too, and we’ve created a video for our warehouses, dealers, and distributors to show how we package and ship Striders from our main warehouse in Rapid City. Feel free to use this video as you need to: Note: even though the video shows ST-3 Striders, the pack-outs shown will work with ST-4 Strider boxes as well.

We minimize the number of cartons we ship by banding up to three Strider boxes together and by packing any accessories in the Strider bike box itself rather than shipping accessories separately. When we add accessories to bike boxes going to dealers, we also add a bright orange “Additional Parts Included” sticker on the box, as shown below.



If all the accessories in an order won’t fit in the Strider Bike box, we pack them in a second plain cardboard box of similar dimensions and then band the accessory box to the Strider box, as shown below.


 Hopefully this information is helpful to you in your respective territory.

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