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Meet Monique Russel, our Strider Curacao, Dutch Caribbean Distributor

Please meet Monique Russel, our Curacao Distributor from the Caribbean Islands! Monique has been a part of the Strider family since August 2014.

 1. Why did you become a Strider distributor?
èAt first, Strider came to my attention when I was surfing for small bikes for children on the internet. When I saw the Strider, I fell in love with it in an instant. Here in Curacao, an island in the Caribbean, I have not seen any of those bikes yet. The sport of cycling has increased here on the island and I thought this would be a good start for small kids to learn to bike in a safe way. And not only here in Curacao, but also the surrounding islands in the Caribbean.

 2. Tell us about yourself and your family. Please share as much as you’re comfortable with us sharing on our US website. Feel free to include photos.
èI am a Cardiac Rehabilitation Specialist. I work in the hospital in Curacao. I became involved with the BMX world because of my husband, who has been in this sport for more than 30 years. Last year, my husband just finished building an international BMX track here on the island, named Global BMX Curacao. He also has his own BMX team which he coaches. We think the kids who start out with the Strider could become very good BMX riders later.

 3. What sets STRIDER apart from other balance bikes?
èThe uniqueness of the Strider bike is its lightweight and that it can be used by very small children that can already walk!

 4. What is your most memorable Strider moment?
èSeeing this exciting big smile on a little kids face when his daddy just bought the Strider Bike for him!

 5. What are you most excited about the future of Strider in your territory?
èTo make people more conscious about the Strider Bike and eliminate the 3 wheeled bikes here on the island!

 6. What are you doing to keep life exciting for STRIDER riders in 2015?
èWhen the time is right, to start to organize Strider competitions for the kids here in Curacao.

 7. Please provide a photo of yourself and/or your Strider team, that we can share as well.
èIf you would like to contact Monique via email: [email protected] and to follow her on FaceBook