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STRIDER Bikes In Hospitals


Day in and day out there are children in hospitals fighting to overcome serious illness and injury.   What a frightening time for the kids and the parents alike.  Many times these kids miss holidays at home, friends at school and family events. One of the most important things that can happen for them while they are in the hospital is to have time to still be kids!  Play is an important part of comforting, soothing and taking a child’s mind off of their battle even if for just a few moments. 

Tyler Klassen of Indianapolis saw a picture of a young girl (Presley – pictured above) who, while fighting cancer, spends time riding her STRIDER in the halls of a hospital, and knew right away that he wanted to make a difference!  Tyler said, “As a parent, the thought of having a child in the hospital for a long period of time is terrifying.  Seeing Striders inside of a children’s hospital really made me smile though.  I want the kids to just be kids.  I want them to buzz around the halls on bikes, let them have fun and maybe forget for a bit that they are in a hospital.” 

Tyler Klassen 2

An avid motorcycle rider, Tyler decided to take action and help more kids be able to stride their way through the hospital. The added benefit of STRIDER riding while in hospital is the physical therapy aspect.  Tyler is organizing a fundraising ride called “Riders for Striders” to get his fellow motorcycle enthusiasts together for a day dedicated to helping purchase STRIDERS for Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital! 

Every child deserves time to be a child!  Thank you for your efforts and compassion Tyler! 

For more information or ways to donate to Tyler’s ride or participate (if you’re in the Indiapolis) check out their Facebook Page, Twitter account, or go directly to the donation page.

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