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And Now…Some Reviews!

“I bought this for my 22 month old and he’s almost 3 now and is still using it. He was slow to get started on it, but once he got the hang of it he can cruise pretty quickly. I go for walk/jogs and have to work to keep up with him. He keeps up with my 2 older kids on their bikes and totally skipped the tricycles. He can balance and steer really well. We live in the NW and the bike is left out in the rain a lot. We’ve had it about 15months and it’s held up really well… rust. I think he’ll learn to ride a pedal bike at an early age because he’s already got the balancing and steering down.”

– SnoHo Mom of Three


“My 20 month old son in love with his bike!! I can not get him off of it and we are looking forward to him racing on it!!”

-CA Jewels

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