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Visiting Strider Headquarters

Moving across the country is an adventure that not every kid wants to take on, but a tour of your favorite bike headquarters might make it worth it!

We received an email from a family that was doing just that, moving from California to New York, driving the entire distance with their 5-year old son in tow. To make the long road trip fun, they planned out some exciting stops including Yellowstone National Park and right here in Striderville!

Learning to ride the 14x Sport in balance bike mode.Knowing how much 5-year-old Davin loves his Strider Bike, Mom thought that stopping at Strider Bikes International Headquarters would be a perfect surprise. They had heard we were about to release something new, but had no idea that their visit would coincide perfectly with the release of our brand-spanking-new Strider 14x Sport, a bike we created for kids just like Davin! When Monday morning rolled around and we were eager, we love visitors and we couldn’t wait to see what Davin thought of the Strider 14x. When the family arrived that morning, they were greeted by our friendly and charming Jennifer, who showed Davin all the ins and outs, ups and downs of our work play place.

Because it was release day, we had a couple fresh out of the box, Strider 14x Sport bikes set up in our lobby. Jennifer, parents, and grandparents all cheered Davin to get on one and try it out but he was hesitant about the unfamiliar bike. He was more excited to see all the versions of his bike (the 12″ Sport) on the walls.

Davin pressed Jennifer to “see more, see more!” wanting to experience every inch of what was going on here at Strider World Headquarters. Eventually, Davin did get to the “see more” part that is our warehouse, and definitely the most fun area of our headquarters.

Then, the riding began.

Racing the 14x Sport in pedal bike mode.

Here at Strider Bikes, we believe in working hard and playing hard. Nolan, one of our hardest workers, was the lucky one to get all the play time with Davin and his family.

Davin started out on his tried and true, blue 12″ Sport, Nolan on the 20″Sport. Nolan wasn’t afraid to beat our guest around the track but, was instead shown a thing or two when Davin continued to be faster! Davin was such a strong Strider rider he was able to maneuver easily all around the cones, leaving Nolan in the dust. Grandpa, Mom, and Dad could only watch for so long before they had to join in on the fun, cruising along on 20″ Strider Bikes. After what might have been 100 laps around the track Nolan asked Davin if he wanted to try the bigger bike.

The 14x Sport is a balance bike with pedals.The 14x Sport is a balance bike with pedals.

After Davin’s reluctance in our lobby to get on the 14x we were unsure about his reaction to getting off his trusty 12″ to try the 14x on the track. While everyone was busy zooming around Nolan thought he might be more willing to give it a go, so he snuck out to grab the 14x from the lobby. As soon as Nolan returned Davin was checking out the new bike. Nolan mentioned the word “faster” and that was all Davin needed to hear.  He hopped right on the 14x and took off, leaving Nolan in the dust yet again.

Riding the Awesome Blue 14x, Davin immediately became comfortable as he adjusted to the new bike. It was an easy transition, with even more room for his legs to run. He was gliding and sliding all around our warehouse track, building confidence and speed. Davin raced for over an hour on the new 14x. Unfortunately, it eventually became time for the family to get back on the road.

Davin, like most 5-year-olds, was not thrilled with the idea of leaving. He posed for some photos, said goodbye’s (mostly to the bikes) and then started to cry because he wasn’t yet ready to leave. Poor kid was having to leave “his best bike ever” to get into the car yet again.

We were just as sad to see him leave but it gave us all the warm and fuzzies knowing that Davin’s mom snuck back inside and bought him a brand-new Strider 14x shipped directly to his new home. Davin just turned 6 this last weekend and opened his new 14x, we are ecstatic that he now has his own “best bike ever!”